The Mosquito Flight Simulator is a great experience, but flights cannot be undertaken unless the 'pilot' has already 'flown' our Lancaster simulator. The reason for this is that the de Havilland Mosquito fighter bomber is a very different experience to that of the Lancaster bomber, which fully loaded weighed 63,000 lbs - with a top speed of 282mph. The effect of the controls differs as the Mosquito is smaller, faster, and more manoeuvrable than the Lancaster. Carrying a 19,000 lb bomb load, speed-wise, the Mosquito had a maximum of 400mph at 19,000 ft, It's much the same on the flight simulator, so gaining experience of the Lancaster simulator first is much easier and thus, enjoyable than attempting the first flight on the Mosquito simulator. Please note that due to the nature and layout of the controls, the minimum age for 'pilots' is 15 years, and minimum height 5ft.