The Police Station

Beside the Parade Ground is our Police Station, which is a typical example of a wartime office and holding cell. Items on display include a Bakelite telephone, wartime posters, officer’s torches and truncheons, a vintage typewriter and many other items kindly donated by a serving police officer.

Adjacent Military Bunkers

Nearby and accessible to museum visitors are a number of WW2 coastal defence emplacements that were built during WW2 to help protect the Port of Boston and the surrounding area. They include a Searchlight Observation Post, to help identify approaching aircraft, Anti-Aircraft Artillery pillbox and Shelter for troops including what could have been a billet.

Special Events

Throughout the year we host 'special events', for example on Armed Forces Day and to remember various other wartime events - not forgetting our own Museum Opening Anniversary event. We regularly hold displays on our display ground at the rear and a number of local organisations come to display classic cars, wartime memorabilia and more. See DATES FOR YOUR DIARY page.