... an amazing experience.

Our 3D VR (Virtual Reality) Lancaster attraction is an amazing experience. You don't need any flying experience, our 'flight engineer' will give you a pre-flight briefing and then, off you go!

Take control of this iconic WW2 Bomber and you really could believe that you are flying it.

You can take to the sky from your chosen Lincolnshire airfield and enjoy 360-degree views of stunning scenery. Flights are either 30 minutes (£40), or a full hour (£70) and if you bring friends or family with you, they can sit beside the cockpit, watch you enjoy the experience and even see on a large screen, what you see in your VR goggles.

We've had a number of qualified pilots take control and numerous people have come back for another flight. Recently a guide from the nearby Battle of Britain Memorial Flight received a flight in our simulator as a birthday gift. He was so excited and managed a pretty good landing at the end.
Flight Gift Vouchers available in 2024

(NB: Flying helmet with goggles, oxygen mask and leather flying jacket for display purposes only!)