No special clothing is required, and you won't need to wear an oxygen mask either. You will however have to wear a light-weight 3D Virtual Reality (VR) headset, but it is not heavy, has an adjustable strap and will not cover your nose or ears.

In terms of flying experience, you don't even have to have been on an aeroplane before! When you arrive for your flight experience, our flight engineer will talk you through the controls, show you how they operate and what they do. After which - up you go!

Don't worry if you don't get the hang of it immediately, the engineer will be watching an onboard computer screen as you fly and will advise if you need to do anything to keep airborne. If by chance you do 'crash the plane' then there will be no damage done to you, the flight simulator or anything else for that matter.
As you can imagine, the flight sim’ attracts a lot of interest, so the best route forward would probably be to note any convenient times, and then call the museum (open Fri, Sat and Sun 10am – 4pm) and select the available booking date/time that suits you best. The number to call is 07903 529614. We can accept payment, by card, over the phone.

Alternatively, you can email us at any time with a request for a flight simulator session and we'll get back to you. Email address - or use the 'Contact Us' page towards the end of this website.

You can also book a flight in person. Sometimes you may even be lucky and get one on the day.
We are currently considering the sale of admission gift tickets online. As soon as we've introduced the service, you will be able to do this, but due to the possibility of tickets being forged, they will not be sent via email, only by post, or by collection in person. Watch this space!