The Flight Sim' really is a memorable experience, but like most memories, over time, they diminish. For this reason, we have put together a great package to enable 'pilots' to not only remember their experience, but also to show others. It is only available to purchase when a Flight Simulator experience is booked and is either handed to the 'pilot' after they have 'landed' or given to the purchaser to hand over. In a carrier bag, the contents are: * A framed and personalised Certificate of Flight bearing, an image of the aircraft 'flown' * A WMA 'I flew a WW2 aircraft' mug' * Fridge magnet and a key fob with the WMA logo, the aircraft image and a QR code. When scanned the QR code plays the WMA fb video of the VR flight simulator so that the 'pilot' can show friends what his or her experience involved. * A 9cms WMA car window disc